Please update discourse forum software

Hi @support

Discourse app on iOS stopped working for me today. The app tells me the forum software is outdated.

This prevents me from using the discourse app to read this forum.



The app is just a basic wrapper to the web site isn’t it?

Might be. Website via safari works fine. Like the app though. Not high priority but nonetheless…

Hi @Steef_de_Bruijn — Thanks for the report!

I’ve passed your report along to the team to look into.

Just to verify, are other discourse sites working for you through the app? If you don’t have any others, you can try

Roon is running Discourse 2.2.0.beta2. The most recent version is 2.1.2 (or 2.2.0.beta3.)


I think it is “their fault”. All four sites I used stopped working. Only meta.discourse works.

My guess is they implemented a breaking change now I think of it.


This is fixed. Forum is accessible via discourse app again.

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