Please update URL for Clyde Built Radio to Roon Radio

Please update URL for Clyde Built Radio to Roon Radio. Appears to have changed recently. Thanks

Hello @ScottHaggart , the website still has the same URL in its code, but it’s not connecting - a 404 error.

Perhaps the site has temporarily gone off air?

@ScottHaggart The audio stream is back on air. Can you play the station now?

This station isn’t working for me. It used to work flawlessly for years, then about two years ago it stopped working and I think we were told it was not possible to play it. Is this still the case that it is unavailable, or can it be sorted? Thanks

Edit - my bad. Thought this was Radio Clyde, otherwise known as Clyde 1- which is still not working but presumably that is because the situation hasn’t changed from two years ago. url is Clyde 1 | The Biggest Hits The Biggest Throwbacks

Hello @Kev67 , I’ve updated the URLs, try now.

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Excellent, working now. Thanks Brian.

Updated Clyde 2 too.

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