Please upgrade Sonos gear! Now devices are almost absolete

New ones like AMP, Arc, Beams, Rays, Ports, new Ones, Moves, Roars… we have only S1 (some ofc works on S2) devices on list. Roon support Sonos mesh stream (and also stuff works as AirPlay endpoints) so this is big deal to upgrade now. Today, after up S2, some hi-res features is here (24/48) and SQ improvements. Roon, like I said, give us compatible with Sonos ecosystem but not new gear is here. Please do!

Sorry I understand English is not your first language but I cant understand what your asking here? Roon is compatible with all Sonos gear, just because it’s not tested means nothing it just means Sonos have not asked for these devices to be tested nothing more.

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As I read it, it sounds like the desire is for newer Sonos hardware to be upgraded to Roon playback in 24/48 as is now supported.
Previously Sonos was limited to 16/44.

I think it sounds like a great idea.

They already do.


I’ll have to try that on my Port, don’t think I’ve seen 24/48 on my Sonos before.

Its only supported on S2 hardware

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I use the S2 app and hardware, but I’m not sure that all S2 hardware supports 24/48.
I have a set of Play One set up in stereo that I use often, and I don’t think I’ve seen 24/48 there.
My Port I don’t use that often as it is in my secondary setup as my main setup is powered by a Bluesound Node 2i

It might be that the Arc being an AV product supports 48/24 as thats the standard for Digital Audio in the AV world. Maybe S2 non AV stuff is 44.1/24 I dont know dont have any. But Roon supports what the devices support they added some time ago to move it up to 24bit.

According to this article The Beginner’s Guide to Hi-Res Audio | Sonos Blog

As of this post’s publish date, the following Sonos products are capable of playing 24-bit music at 48 kHz : Roam, Arc, Beam (both generations), Five, Sub (all generations), Move, One, One SL, Port, Amp, SYMFONISK Bookshelf, SYMFONISK Table Lamp, Play:5 (Gen 2), Connect (Gen 2), and Connect:Amp (Gen 2).

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As far as I know, so far only Qobuz plays in 24/48 via the original Sonos S2 app.

But just double checked and you are right Roon plays in 24/48 on S2 Sonos hardware.

I must have missed it because I have been using Airplay instead of SonosNet for a long time due to bugs with my Sonos network.