Please use just one typeface [not on roadmap]

Please use just one typeface. Mixed Serif fonts and Sans Serif fonts look like a mistake. I have sat through many pre-presentation run-throughs, and this is one of the very first thing that gets corrected during a walk-through.

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As a counter opinion, I like the mix.

There is nothing wrong with mixing serifs and sans in appropriate circumstances. In fact, If you check out the font packs offered by Hoefler (a type designer many consider among the best currently practicing worldwide), most of them are serif and san mixes.


The mix between serif and san serif fonts looks great (nice choices as well) and nothing wrong with it, speaking as a graphic designer with 20+ years experience, it’s used all the time.


Yes, indeed it has been used for the appropriate effect for … a long time.

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As long as we’re not mixing Comic Sans with anything, I think it’s OK.


Hey! I love Comic Sans!

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Thankfully you weren’t part of the Roon design team. LOL.


LOL. Well, if I were, I wouldn’t have inflicted Comic Sans, I would have pulled out the big guns and used Copperplate Gothic Bold.


I think Lato is niche and Avenir is modern, both are nice

I also agree the mix is great and 100% agree with the others that it is nothing strange to do this once in a while.

Nice to see a shoutout to Hoefler & Frere-Jones too!


+1 here for removing this serif thing … Design wise it‘s one of the ugliest things I‘ve seen in the past few years! ( right after this - just why? - purple tones)

It‘s just like someone was experimenting with fonts and colors to find a unique look, nobody else has … for a reason…


I suppose it comes down to personal taste. I tend to live a rather modern lifestyle. Our home is very modern without a lot of adornment. We have chosen to let a few finishes and materials repeat throughout and speak for themselves. For me this simpler esthetic echoes throughout most of what I do at home and work.

For some the mix of fonts and the large blocks of color are exciting and enjoyable. To me they look unrefined and garish. That’s not to say others are wrong. That’s not my intention in any way whatsoever. It’s just not pleasing to me personally.

Finding a balance between esthetics is difficult at best. I can only hope that Team Roon can find a way to thread this needle. In the end, aren’t we asking Team Roon to create software that not only gives us unprecedented opportunities to explore music, but to also explore with beautiful tools?

For me I find myself in an unfortunate circumstance. For those of you who like what you see I must admit I am jealous. Because what I see isn’t something I would have normally purchased. Given the opportunity I would go back to 1.7 and wait for 1.9 or 2.0.

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Would it be impossible to enable people to choose fonts? I have to say that it is looking at what I feel is an old fashioned font that I find most jarring in something so modern as Roon. First world problem I know and I am actually pleased that that is all I have to moan about (so far).


Absolutely agree. Please Roon just let me choose another font that does not appeal so ‘classical/jazzy’ to me and (and that’s my greatest wish for this release) please for god’s sake, let me choose another highlight color … why didn’t you go with the good old blue tones? Or green, gray, maybe yellow, red, orange, even magenta would look nice … but purple is something I might like if I was into Classic or maybe Jazz?! I don’t know, 'cause I am not. You are pushing roon’s UI into this direction, moving away from a neutral, modern design.


Personal Taste - But I’ve always thought that a page full of Sans Serif with a Serif title looks horrible. Just like someone else has come along and picked up the code, edited it, and forgotten to change the typeface. Yes, there are designers out there with wisdom and experience that say that its totally acceptable practice and is fine. These people are mental and go on to become serial killers in real life.


Software might not have it. But in print design it is absolutely standard to mix serif and non-serif. Look at any newspaper or magazine. Roon stated they were inspired by music magazines. It is a consistent design choice with having this in mind.
Whether you like it or not is a completely different matter of course, but you can’t say nobody else has it.


:rofl: … true story!

The serif typeface Roon have used here is Grifo. That is quite a beautifully crafted piece of art.

However, the issue in this case is the inconsistent use. And it’s a typeface that looks good large and in print. It’s a magazine typeface. No debating about taste and whether someone likes it or not. I simply think it’s not fitting and hinders legibility.

Simply put, it does not furter the UI or UX, it is just useless decor to make the app check the “pretentious” box.


@Klaus_Kammerer1 & @Stefan_Stefan
So if it’s not for being unique … I don’t understand why they did it then. I mean there are reasons why you should not use print fonts in a digital user interface…

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that’s open for debate. I was just referring to the mix not being seen anywhere else. In terms of pure software design there is no functional benefit. It’s purely “design”. I don’t hate it but I also don’t need it.

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