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I have recently begun to experiment with Plex for remote and shared access to my music library in addition to using Roon while at home. Both Roon and Plex are stored on a Synology DS214 NAS. I’m using the Intel 8i7BEH for Roon. My music library consists of 39K files in 3632 folders taking up about 3 TB of storage.

Adding my music library to Plex is now going on three days with my NAS being somewhat sluggish during that time. I am also now unable to access Roon. When I go to the storage tab, Roon is now unable to find my library.

I’m considering aborting Plex and looking for another solution (is there one??). Before doing so, I wanted to reach out as losing Roon for a period of days is a no-go for me. However, I don’t want to abort Plex if I’m nearing the end and I can’t determine the Plex status.

Any thoughts?

You could use Asset and BubbleUPnP as that gives remote access. I use that as well as Plex.

I use a Syno DS1019+ for my Roon and Plex with absolutely no issues. Both services run very quickly.

I think your DS214 may be underpowered for both Plex and Roon. Or there is a network or disk issue.

Hi @David_Weinberg,

We are aware of a few reports surrounding issues with using Plex + Roon at the same time and we have a development ticket regarding this.

Our suggestion until the development ticket reaches the dev queue is to ensure that Plex does not use port 1900 or temporarily turn Plex off to see if it is the offending cause.

Is this a security or performance issue? If the former, I will terminate immediately. If the latter, I may let it run for a while to see if it wraps up in the next day or so.

Yes, I am aware that the DS214 is underpowered for this (and other) tasks. I plan to upgrade in a few months.

You might be better served by getting a little NUC to run Roon, and leave the whole of the DS214 for Plex. As opposed to finding a huge NAS to try and run both.

Port 1900 is used for UPnP discovery by both Roon and Plex. This port should only be accessible on the local subnet, but the issue is Roon and Plex not always playing nicely together. I have run both side-by-side without issue.

Sorry, to clarify- I have the 8i7BEH NUC. My Roon Core is running off the NUC but accessing my music library on the NAS.

Ah, OK. Not knowing the number of tracks involved, Plex’s scan can be a long time. Also, it may have gotten messed up with Roon. Try turning the storage location off in Roon (disable) and see if that lets Plex finish it’s processes

I always suggest that music be local to the Roon Core, it just makes for a better experience. I have a USB drive off the NUC, which I keep a sync’d to my NAS.

Plex scan of music takes ages on a good Nas, on a slow one it will be hogging the disc for ages.

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Would Asset work knowing my NAS vintage? Also, I want to share my library with an iPhone user (same with me). I understand that BubbleUPnP is only for Android phones.

Asset doesn’t need much power simple UPnP server but yes the app is only for Android for BubbleUPnP the bit that makes it work outside it BubbleUPnP sever and that works on the nas and app and asset connects to it. If your tied to Apple then it’s Plex or bust I am afraid.

hi @David_Weinberg,

If you try temporarily disabling Plex, does the share then work as expected?
Could you try disabling the Plex DNLA capabilities and reboot to see if that helps?

I use Plex and Roon together with no real issues. However the NAS (QNAP TS-259Pro+) is used only for storage. I run the Roon and Plex servers on a Mac connected via Ethernet. The Mac is a new i9 iMac but I used to use an old 2009 Core2 Duo model and it still worked ok.

One issue I had was to turn off automatic scanning on Plex. If I add media I kick off a manual scan. This was causing contention for the file system and annoying audio dropouts.

I use Roon at home and Plex when out of the house. If Ronn had a thin remote client I would not use Plex for Music, but it still foes a very good job for a fraction of the price. And it also servers all my movies, TV, photos and is my DVR.

I use Roon on a NUC with the music stored on my DS2019+ which also runs Plex. I have had absolutely no issues with this set up. Roon is able to monitor the music directory on the NAS without issue (it isn’t instant but new additions get added to the Roon database after a few minutes or so). Plex is able to index new files without issue either.

Given that, I suspect that the NAS you’re using is underpowered as others have mentioned.

Agreed. I need to upgrade my NAS to make Plex work, among other needs to warrant an upgrade. My immediate goal is to remotely share my music library with my brother and the Synology app (DS Audio) is just way too sluggish. That’s what led me to consider Plex…

Thanks to all for the comments.

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