Plex Time Travel Radio

Hi - this might seem like an odd feature request, but I love to use the “Time Travel Radio” feature on Plex to play my library (especially my holiday music library). I would love it if I could somehow use that feature in Roon with some kind of Plex media server extension that can tie into that “Time Travel Radio” feature. They also have “Library Radio”, “Random Album Radio”, and “Discovery Radio”, but am most interested in “Time Travel Radio”. Thanks for listening!

What does the “time travel radio” function do exactly? Thanks…

I believe the way it works is that it’s an algorithm to play songs in your library based on release date order through time … so say it starts with 1940s music for a song or two or three, then jumps to 1950s, then 60s, etc. to current day, then jumps back in time again to the 1940s (if that’s your earliest) selecting different music not already played the first time around. I like it because it plays tracks over the years that you may never have played on your own, exposing a lot of really great music in release date time order. It’s cool to hear music over the years as musical styles have changed. It’s especially great if you maintain a separate Christmas music library like I do in Plex - hearing Christmas music over the generations in release date time order. So I am using Plex a lot right now to play my Christmas music, but would just prefer to play it via Roon instead somehow. Having said this now, I don’t have a separate Christmas music library for Roon as it’s all one big collection (I don’t believe I can maintain separate libraries unless I missed something … and maybe not advisable to do with Roon)…but if there were a Plex extension, it could then point to the Plex library itself to perform this function (if that makes sense).

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