Plexamp - just released

“Introducing Plexamp”

Just caught this. Looks pretty solid and resolves the gapless issue which was pretty major for me about a year ago. I’ve just renewed another year of Roon and quite happy but worth tracking other options. I’m still waiting for a proper mobile client option for travel and this might just get there ahead of Roon.

More of a toy than anything. Only works on windows and OSX and can’t be be controlled from the web interface or Plex apps like other playback clients.

I often browse to see what I want to play. With Plexamp you have to know exactly what you want to play as searching is the only way to get to it.

Will keep an eye on this as I use Plex for all my video needs, but never thought to use it for music.

“The app is designed for “audiophile purists, music curators, and music fans,” packing features such as loudness living, gapless playback, and much more. ”


I was really impressed by the radio playlist abilities of this version. It doesn’t seem - as far as I can tell - to be any better around the point @DrTone raised before: I.e. you basically need to know what you want to listen to then search for it.

It integrates well with Tidal - if you have manually added Tidal content to your main music library. So in that sense from first glance the main thing that Roon does otherwise that this doesn’t is multi room - unless you can achieve that via a plugin.

The new Plexamp on iOS excellent.

  • Artist/Genre radio work very well, far superior to Roon
  • Super syncing options from whole album to specific playlist/playlength time. Roon’s lack of mobile access and syncing is just ridiculous. Roon is one of the most expensive consumer applications in existence, this lack of functionality really makes Roon a very very poor choice in relation to value for money.