Pls add Smooth fm 91.5 to live radio

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Australian radio station Smooth 91.3 is not available on live radio streaming, it is available on my Bose SoundTouch so I would think it would be easy to add to Roon? Many thanks

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Hello @Graham_Baker and welcome to Live radio.

I’ve added Smooth 91.5 for you. Please check if OK.

(I see there are some associated stations - I’ll add those later today)

Brilliant! Thanks so much, really appreciated….

Is there a way for me to add it to my favourites?

Ooops , sorry, found the option, many thanks!

For completeness, I’ve added all the sister stations. smoothfm in the magnifying glass should find them all.

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Deleted, all good, apologies as I slink away quietly…. :slight_smile:

Apologies? None needed as far as I can see. Enjoy your music and feel free to request more stations.

I was too eager to ask questions without finding out for myself…
loving Roon so far, many thanks Brian…

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…and you would have found that the recommended route wouldn’t have worked. The particular Tunein stream that gets added has a form that currently causes Roon problems. So you would have had to ask here anyway!