Pls return Discover to the vertical Browse menu

Sure, I can scroll down the main page, but this is one of Roon’s best features. Why bury it (particularly beneath that unnecessarily oversized metrics graph)?

And that menu section is “Browse,” after all. Discover is the essence of “browse.”


I’d like that too, I like the playing metrics thing, but it’s much less interesting than discover is, and a top level shortcut would be great, as it is it feels like they would rather dump it as an old idea.

I agree. I like the “shuffle an appealing deck” from my library perspective. It was a big differentiator from iTunes where I always got the same initial view of my albums. There was some good music there but it never appealed to me because it was always just there.

I agree. Please restore Discover to its prominent place on the sidebar. I know the focus these days is on Radio, but, those of us with large libraries love the joys of (re)discovery, as well!