Plz help, can’t organize my Roon

Have a nuc with to ssd- one with rock, other with music.
The problem is when rock scans my collection it breaks some my albums in to many smaller once. For example my Buddha Bar album with 12 tracks is now 12 album with 1 track in each one of them. And such problem is with many mixed albums. How can I change that so Roon will show them same as they are on my ssd?

Take a look at this article in the Knowledge Base: Merge Albums

I know how to merge albums, im asking is there any way to upload albums in a way there will be no need to merge them

If Roon can’t identify an album, it will use the metadata in the tracks to attempt to create the album in Roon, so I would check that your metadata is correct (using a third-party metadata editor such as Mp3tag) before importing the Album into Roon.

If these are compilation albums, best practice is to ensure that for an album, the Album Artist tag on all tracks is set to “Various Artists”, while the Artist tag on each track is set to the artist(s) featured on that track.

Why they don’t leave an option like “import album as it is”? Have lots of compilation albums and sitting changing tags in each track will cost me lots of time

“as it is” is the issue - there is something that indicates to you or your other media management software that it’s an album that Roon isn’t picking up on. The issue is that Roon can’t just use rigid rules to display an album, it has to “identify” it, which is what triggers all the metadata with the descriptions, lyrics, links, etc.