PoE HAT fan speed control?

Is there a way to control the fan speed on the POE hat in RoPieee?

I’ve been using splitters on a couple of them for a while, but recently added another RoPieee using a 3B+ with PoE HAT, and the fan control seems to be an all-or-nothing affair.

Temperatures seem to hover at or around 50C, and results in the fan going all-guns-blazing (producing a remarkable amount of noise for a 25mm fan) for a couple minutes every 10 minutes, before switching off entirely again.

I feel like a constant low speed, or steady ramp up would be more effective - any way I can achieve this?

I guess that would be a no :confused:

I’ll throw a Noctua 40mm on there and see how it goes, and hopefully not burn out the fan header in the process.

Same concern here. Hoping someone finds a clever solution. I’m using Ropieee, which I assume means fan settings like those in Raspbian can’t be accessed.
I did notice someone in the post Anyone tried a POE HAT? mentioned a fanless POE HAT.

I eventually removed the fan entirely and mounted a small heatsink to the processor that handily pokes through the hole where the fan was, just running the official Pi case topless.

CPU temps are hovering in the low 50s.

Granted now there’s little-to-no airflow to cool any other components, but so far nothing has broken, died, caught fire, melted or otherwise had an issue. And if it does dramatically shorten the life of the Pi/HAT, they’re almost disposable anyway.

I use Argon Neo passive cooling case and temp is mostly
between 52 - 55degC (after usb firmware update)