Poetry credit & Lyricist credits

I just noticed that a “poetry” credit generates a track listing as composer. “Lyricist” does not.


Hi @Esskay,

Can you share a screenshot of an example of what you’re seeing here?

I couldn’t quickly find an example for “poetry” since I fixed the ones I recently saw. But here’s one for “text” instead. “Poetry” works the same way.

Here’s the album:

Part of the track listing. Notice Walt Whitman and Alfred Lord Tennyson as composers:

Part of the remove track credit screen. Alfred Lord Tennyson is listed as lyricist and text. Walt Whitman is treated similarly:

Finally, the track listing after removing the text credits:


Yes, that is a behaviour I very well recognize. „Poetry“ and also „Text“ tags are classified ino the composer field by Roon. It messes up almost all classical Lieder albums and more…

You need to manually delete these and replace them by „Lyricists“ tag within Roon. Then it shows up correctly under Lyrics in Album view.

This bug has been reported by me and others a long time ago. I am surprised @dylan is asking for more sreen prints… I would have expected a ticket has been opened when this was first reported.