Pointing my ROCK and Roon at a new NAS

So I have a new NAS and I’ve moved my 14,000+ Flac music files and Roon backup files onto it.

Now I want to tell my ROCK and Roon to use the new NAS instead of the old one.

My understanding is that I just tell Roon backups to access the new NAS backup directory. Then I tell Roon to stop watching the old NAS folder and start watching the same folder on the new NAS.

Do I disable or remove the old NAS folder first, or do I do that after adding the new one? What’s the difference between disable and remove?

Will Roon find my additional artist images on the new NAS, or will I have to add them again?

Just looking for the steps to follow to make the move easy?

I’ve seen posts on here where file have lost their edits, ended up with duplicates of everything, and other mysterious events when trying to do this. I’d like to try and avoid such issues. The Knowledge Base page FAQ: How do I move my collection to a new folder, hard drive or NAS, Will I lose my edits? at https://kb.roonlabs.com/FAQ:_How_do_I_move_my_collection_to_a_new_folder%2C_hard_drive_or_NAS%2C_Will_I_lose_my_edits%3F seems to be up-to-date, but just want to make sure there isn’t something else I need to know.

Any tips most welcome.

Hello Lloyd, Yes, the following article has it pretty much covered.


I had a similar scenario recently, moving from separate core and storage to combined core and storage.The first thing to do is copy all of you media files before making changes in Roon. Then, make sure you’re running the latest Roon and take a backup (in addition to those scheduled.)

Next, disable your current storage:

Finally, add the new storage. Roon will then rescan and pickup changes. In my experience, evering thing worked well and the order albums were added to my collection unchanged. What’s important is to avoid have two sources visible simultaneously and to make sure the file copy process is completed before you make the changes.

Thanks for the assist. It mostly went well with seemingly all of the stuff moved successfully.

The only problem was that the Artist image files I’d added were still pointed at the old location. Thus I had to add them again using the new location. Would be nice if Roon could use a relative path for these artist image files rather than an absolute one.

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