Polaris/USB Drive

I have a large library attached to my Polaris (some 250k files) with a core on my macBook Pro. Unable to get Roon to point to the USB drive. When I try to get info on the path of the drive, it simply says Network which is not recognised. Would prefer to leave the drive attached to the Polaris rather than connect it to my MBP. Not sure what I’m missing… Seems to be very little data on Roon/Polaris libraries. Please advise

I am not an expert but I am sure I read elsewhere that you can’t point Roon at a USB drive hanging off Auralic hardware. The way Roon works, the core passes all audio it plays so if you were to do what you proposed you would be pulling files off the drive back to the core to be sent back to the Polaris. It would be more efficient from a network traffic point of view to hang the drive off the core.

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Thank you for the quick reply. I guess there’s no way to make the Polaris a core is there…ie having Roon installed on a SSD attached to the Polaris via USB… Like you would with a NAS set up?

Decided it was easier to move the core to my 6 core 2018 mac mini and attach the usb drive to that… And access via iPad through the Polaris… All good now

Yep, that is the best way. The Polaris can’t be run as a core, it isn’t an X86 processor (Intel or AMD) and wouldn’t have enough power. Your Mac is perfect for the job.