Polish Translations: problem with Wykonywany and Wyykonane

@Danny, @brian2 I don’t know who to ask for help and I have a very strange problem with Polish translations. The words Wykonywany and Wyykonane are not in the Polish translations.

Meanwhile, on the album page I see:

This is a mistranslation should be: Wykonany

Another problem occurs on the composition screen.

This is a spelling error. It should be: Wykonane

I have no way to correct these translation errors. Please help me.

Thanks, Tom.

@danny, @brian2 Problems still occur in 832 :frowning:

Hi @Tomasz_Czubkowski ,

Thanks for flagging this, let me check with the team on this one!

Any information? Best Regards. Tom.

Hi @Tomasz_Czubkowski ,

I’ve just ping’d the team again regarding this to see if they have an update, thanks!