Poll - Did you upgrade to Roon v1.8 or still on V1.7?

I create a poll to see how many people upgrade to Roon v1.8 or still on Roon v1.7

Poll - Did you upgrade to Roon 1.8?
  • Roon upgrade automatically
  • I decide to upgrade to v1.8
  • I upgrade to v1.8 but I regret it
  • I did not upgrade I am still on v1.7
  • I upgrade to v1.8 but revert back to v1.7

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rather pointless poll, or no…

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I’d like to know the step-by-step process taken by those who successfully reverted back to 1.7. I’m hoping someone can share their experience.

Updated to 1.8 as soon as it was available!!!

Before updating my ipad I always make a manual backup. And I also disabled automatic apps update on the ipad.

For the PC I luckily kept a installer of Roon v1.7 and also Roon server installer for my NUC (core) on windows 10.

Didn’t like what I see in Roon v1.8 so i restore my ipad.

Then I reinstall Roon v1.7 on the PC and also roonserver for Windows10 on the NUC.

Within 30 minutes I was back to v1.7

Also in Roon settings I set to always be warn before an update and choose to install or not.

One annoying thing is every time I start Roon I get a pop up windows saying a new version of Roon is available. I just ignore it at the moment

You forgot the “I upgraded to v1.8 and love it and would never go back to v1.7”

If you choose i upgrade to 1.8 then you like it

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That sounds pretty straight forward. I too make local backups of my IOS devices (not iCloud backups). I wasn’t sure if the backup included the actual apps or just pointers to have them newly downloaded. I all have a 1.7 installer file for Win10, but I’m not sure if it will work with the version I have in an IOS backup. There were a few iterations of the 1.7 software/apps

I’ve asked Roon Support for assistance. I’m hoping they will provide me a proper server software and app. If I end up having to roll my own I’ll carefully follow your steps.

Thanks so much for your feedback. It’s nice to know rolling back to 1.7 its actually possible.

On IOS make sure you disabled automatic apps update before restoring your ios device.

Your backup must be before you update Roon 1.8 on your ios device. If not then you are out of luck

For Roon iteration on v1.7 i have 2 build version and it still work fine. My core and pc have different build.

Yes. Thank you. I do keep auto app updates off on my IOS devices and my Windows Roon software. I held of updating for a few weeks hoping all the issues would get worked out. But is seems some of the remaining issues are by design. Hoping they’ll be addressed sometime in the future. :crossed_fingers: .

Thanks again.