[Poll] Gauging the overall mood

Really liking 1.8 so far. The previous UI wasn’t…bad, but wasn’t particularly modern or “slick”. The new typography work is really nice and discovery feature improvements are very welcome.

Biggest thing I don’t like is I preferred the album format (eg ‘FLAC 16/44’) as a badge that went over the album cover instead of as an additional line of text, but that’s a super nitpicky thing that doesn’t really bother me that much.

Polls are always interesting, but remember, there are over 100,000 Roon subscribers which means less than 1% response.

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This is textbook case of different strokes for different folks. I love(d) the larger waveform. It was both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

  • The most obvious benefit is that it makes it obvious whether a recording is loud or soft. I can adjust the volume accordingly. I know about volume leveling, but I find that the music sounds slightly better without it.
  • I have several different versions a lot of of my favorite albums (original, various remasters, Hi-Res PCM, SACD, etc). The large waveform made it easy to see which versions were mixed louder than the others (often to the detriment of sound quality and dynamic range).
  • I use Roon as a front-end to HQPlayer which offers a lot of different options for adjusting the sound to your liking. With the large waveform, I can easily move a particular section of a piece of music, which is extremely helpful when I’m trying to hear the impact of a change I’ve made in my system.
  • Having the waveform exist, but also be too small to actually be functional is annoying.
  • Finally, it was nice to have a visual representation of what I was hearing in the moment and what was coming next. Especially with music I’ve never heard before.

I’m in my 50’s. For me, it’s a massive failure. I’ve posted why I think so. I had 15 or so reasons.

People use the product in very different ways. People listen to music in in very different ways. How much it matters to you that they shrunk the waveform or moved the recommendations out of view, the huge fonts with the tiny fonts, etc… is a very personal thing.

I’ve reverted back to 1.7. If 1.8 evolves to be more to my liking, great, but if not, and if 1.7 stops working, I’ll move on to something else.


Actually your inference that the poll isn’t representative is possibly correct, but for the wrong reasons.

Sample size is only one factor. Polling organisations regularly conduct polling on far smaller sample sets as a percentage of the population, and these are statistically significant.

As I’m not a professional pollster, it’s more likely that the question I put contains some inherent bias or is self-selecting somehow in a way I’m not aware of. Although I deliberately tried to couch it in as neutral terms as possible.

Yes. But what are you trying to say with that? Apple has maybe 1.5 billion users. On the forums you find only a fraction of a percent. But those are the ones making sure bugs get indentified and ironed out and have a fair influence so missteps can get corrected,

Apple is pretty good at admitting mistakes and taking corrective action. Its a culture thing.

There is now an active thread over on tinkering changing 1.8 color and font schemes. There will be even less than 1% involved in that.

Activity on that thread must be capturing something though about the mood were the tip of the iceberg feels compelled to delve into configuration files and hex codes. Partial solutions there won’t even persist from patch release to patch release. But I do get it.

Some may not have noticed but Classical has been singled out for its own extremely low contrast light theme which is different to the light theme default. If you have a hybrid Pop/Classical library apart from anything you are constantly jumping between subtly different themes. I find switching the low contrast grey on grey Classical theme to the default grey on white Pop theme a marked readability improvement. Before delving into hex codes you can experiment simply by removing the “Classical” tag from a Classical album page and see if you prefer the result.

All positives + neutrals: 66%. Case closed.

Hehe, it’s been fascinating to watch the forum bend the numbers to fit their own agenda.

The most amusing of which has been adding those who voted Neutral, then loudly proclaiming “Case Closed”.

And apropos of nothing, if over a third of my customer base had concerns about a new release, I wouldn’t have my feet up on the desk smoking a cigar, shouting “case closed”.

And I’m sure Roon themselves don’t take this attitude. Nor should other members use it to try and shut a portion of the community down.


Please read and respond to these comments @brian Listen to what the community is saying. Accept the constructive criticism and resolve the issues in a timely manner. Thanks


2/3 is normally the threshold required for constitutional amendments; 66% is that. There are not many software solutions that reach that high mark in terms of customer approval.

Some of Roon’s responses to issues are linked in this post:

Not sure what constitutional amendments have to do with the price of fish, but I’m happy you’re enjoying this release.

Is it working yet?

I rated my mood as somewhat positive. The new UX has grown on me since release and it seems like the tag situation is being looked into. Do I have some major usability problems now that I didn’t have before? Yes…yes I do. However, the Devs clearly put a lot of hard work into 1.8 and, given the state of the world, I’m sure it was no small task to get it into our hands. Personally, I feel like the foundation is sturdy and once major bugs are fixed, we’ll see some sanding down of 1.8s rough edges.

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Nope. I’m unwilling to erase my library to start again

Very Positive

It’s very easy to create a poll, the difficulty is remaining neutral throughout to maintain integrity and not influence the result.

k6davis: curious, how were you able to revert back to 1.7? I’d love to be able to do that if possible. I agree - 1.8 is not equal to the marketing hype. Too many UI issues, navigation issues, and I’m still wondering why all the text is either too big or too small. It seems like 1.8 was change for change sake.


The UI is ok, a little rough but it take some time to polish.
What I really dislike is so much functionality in 1.7 is not working in 1.8.
I really do think there was not much testing of the play and library management in the transition of 1.7 to 1.8. Absurd for such a product and a big disappointment for a lot of users I think. At least for me.
I can only add support tickets, but seeing so much other issue’s I don’t think those bugs are going to be fixed… And the 2 fixes are also not fixing the issue’s correct. (still problems with shuffle, still problems with tags, unbelievable!). They really screwed it up, and proves there is not much testing, and the development quality should be a bit better.

Find it really harsh that we cannot go back to previous versions. Bummer I took a lifetime subscription.