Poll: Growing number of Tidal issues since login process changed

There seems to be a growing number of users having issues with Tidal getting stuck syncing or just logging you out of Tidal so you have to put in your credentials again and again. And in some extreme cases it stops allowing Roon to stream to endpoints when looses connection to Tidal. I have had the latter wice and another is also experiencing it. The other issues happening regularly. This all coincided with the change to how Roon authenticates with Tidal from last update before this never had problems like this.

Be good to get an insight into how many it’s affecting and some word from Roon.

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Don’t have any of the Tidal login problems mentioned on the board, but I acknowledge it may be an issue for some.

More than a year ago I did suffer from intermittent outage due to Tidal itself, and then also a few days ago. Overall not a bad track record in my case. But I agree: the times that it does happen, it’s really frustrating.

Makes me realise that nothing beats owning an actual copy for offline use. Something I have been neglecting ever since subscribing to Tidal.

Tidal changed their login arrangements and Roon have been dealing with it. It is still a work in progress.

Dont have any problems with other apps and Tidal though. Is it just Roon that’s been forced to change?

I had issues immediately after the update, but once I got it to redirect properly I think I have needed to restart RoonServer once because of Tidal login. And the restart fixed it without having to login again.

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Your lucky it’s a constant struggle for me. Nothing I do fixes it permanently.

Roon have said they are working in it. No delivery date as per usual.

Not seen this response to my outstanding ticket. Where have they said they are working on it?

It was in a support response but as I’ve read every single one I can’t trace it now.

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The only thing I can say was following the links, and all of the redirects happening as they should, did eventually fix my issue. There were numerous attempts before it finally worked as it should. And I have to say it was the only time Roon ever truly confounded me during that couple of hours I tried to make it work. I put it down to a lot of users updating and trying to sign in at that time. It surprises me that there are still issues with some users.

This TIDAL/Roon problem happened to me again yesterday, but I attributed it as possibly being related to the macOS updated I had just completed moments earlier on a Roon remote laptop (core is on a Nucleus). I posted some details about it here. Then today, about 20 minutes ago, it just happened again – not doing anything Roon related, when playback simply stopped. Went into (Roon) Settings: Services and saw the spinning icon next to my TIDAL entry. Didn’t need to logout then back into TIDAL this time, but I did have to restart the Roon Server Software via the Nucleus web interface.

It’s not that it’s a difficult problem to resolve, but it definitely is happening too frequently, and seems limited to TIDAL+Roon (no problems ever noted in my TIDAL iOS apps). Glad to read in earlier posts that this is being worked on! Time to get back to the music, and away from the troubleshooting, rebooting, etc. :sunglasses:

What is the actual poll question…?

Do you have issues or not.

Every now and then I have to put my credentials again. I had to do this at least two times that I remember, maybe more.
The previous login process was much better.

The last Roon update (536) is causing issues for me. Keep having to link Roon with Tidal in order to log on. Had no issues whatsoever prior to this build.

I am still having issues with Tidal with the latest update (537). Every time I start Roon, Tidal errors out. Asking me to retry or edit. did not have this issue with 537 update. Whatever 537 tried to fix for Tidal has caused issues with Tidal for some.

Happens with me every time too (537).

Me too looks buggy

On 537 I keep getting booted off Tidal.
Server on Mac Pro
Control from iPad Pro

Once again, problem free. Past few updates … problem free.
If ~ half of respondents have NO problems with Tidal while the other half do, this makes me think the problem lies outside of Roon. I.e. if the problem lies with roon, we should all have the same problem.