Poll: How long does it take you to start your Core (Roon 1.8)?

I have Roon on an iMac 2019 3,6 GHz 8-Core i9 with 32GB RAM, and it takes me 19-20 seconds to start my Core. In my opinion, that’s frustratingly slow. How long does it take you? What kind of Roon Core do you use? (Everything else in Roon works really fast.)

  • 6k albums/61k tracks (all locally stored)
  • Qobuz for exloring/discovering music (no Qobuz albums in my library)

My Core load times on M1 Mac mini have almost doubled with 1.8. Similarly in the 18-20s range. The real slowness seems loading views of albums though

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My Roon starts in 3-4 seconds (Remote/Endpoint, not core)

Remote Machine: Macbook Pro 15", Big Sur 11.2.1
Core: Ubuntu 20.04, virtual machine, 2 CPUs, 4 GB RAM
Library Size: 1200 albums, 15000 tracks

Using Tidal and Qobuz

Just tested it on my 2018 Macbook Pro. i7 processor (6 core) with 16GB RAM on the latest MacOS

Roon took 4.5s from me clicking on the icon to it being in a usable state. This is using Roon as a remote, not the core.

3763 albums, 46517 tracks. Mostly Local with some Tidal as well.

About 2 seconds…

Loading of album views works really fast here (takes less than half a second).

I have the same model. When I use it as my Roon Core, startup takes 18 to 20 seconds on the latest MacOS (BigSur 11.2.1). I have an extremely small library on this MacBook - i.e. only 100 albums!

I’d say using it as the core probably requires more ‘stuff’ to happen when it starts up.

I can’t really test how long my core takes as it runs without the GUI, starts with Windows and is on a headless machine in a cupboard.

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Yes, it’s not much of a surprise that Core startup takes a bit longer. However, in my case Core startup time has more than tripled after updating to 1.8.

it is the core that takes that long to start. Restarting my core takes 20 seconds.

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Hard to compare that with another user. I have 22k albums and 216k tracks in my library on the fastest Mac ever made. All I know is it was instantly loading my library and all albums for an artist. Now I get loading UI on focus, albums page, re-opening iOS app after it’s been idle for a few minutes. Performance blows and it’s not me!

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Same here. Core startup takes 19 seconds now (MacBook Pro 13’’ 2020). Used to be a lot faster. Apart from this, Roon works as fast as always. No other “speed problems” here. I got 9k/100k tracks in my library. I use both Tidal and Qobuz.

Core startup has become significantly slower (on both my Windows PC and my two Macs), but I can live with that because the search function and the loading of albums etc. are still as fast as before the update.

3 mins approx.


Three minutes? :thinking: What kind of device do you use? How long did it take you to start the Core before updating to 1.8?

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HP Laptop 8gb ram, SSD, i7

220K Tracks and around 17k albums.

It’s ok once it’s loaded up. Honestly I don’t notice much diff between 1.7->1.8 in bootup time. It’s just a long time. Lol. I don’t restart the core frequently so it’s ok.

My Roon database is running at around 30gb.


Lol. Just a glorious waste of time.

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If you really believed that, your library wouldn’t be so huge! :wink:

Haha. I’m an addict. What can I say? It’s like smoking… we can realise it’s detrimental to our health and still do it. :slight_smile:

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