Poll: How long does it take you to start your Core (Roon 1.8)?

2min 28sec on a Mac mini (end of 2009) with OS X el Capitan. Big library: 138K songs, 11K albums.
Didn’t time v1.7 but (subjectively) it seems to take +/- the same time, maybe a little bit more

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Hmmm difficult one, my linux box needs a restart once and while after updates.
But i am not aware of the starting of the Core, it is just available when i want it to.
Upgrading to 1.8 took a few minutes and my speakers vibrated happily afterwards.

I asked myself the same question today. How long does it take to start up the core. Or, what can I do to speed up this process. Only thing I can easily tweak is how much RAM is in my iMac (now 8gb). Will it help if I’d made this 16gb or 32gb?

Marc the memory size is more of a database s
And system management issue and should not really change startup time.

If you have a smallish library of say under 20-30k of tracks then 8GB is fine as long as the machine is dedicated to Roon and not running lots of other stuff.

Roon uses an in memory database so starts having issues when it runs out of memory.

Thanks, I have 50k tracks, 5.000+ albums. Most of them are on my SSD’s.

According to Roon you might just be okay, but when I crossed the 40k Barrier and added Tidal (another 9k) I almost felt my 8GB based Rock Roon server slowing down. It was due an upgrade so I got a new Nuc with 16GB and life has been pretty good since then.

Though with the Apple M1 architecture you may well be within bounds for this, given how different it is to traditional Intel architecture.

I did see a thread about RoonOS random rebooting the other day which was based on running out of memory, but they suggested that was a bug

Running ROCK on NUC 8i5.
20 seconds.
Same on latest version as per previous versions.
No change.

It does all sorts of checks when loading up core so it will take noticeably longer the larger your library is. They changed in 1.8 how it does some checks that are now done at startup where previous where done on remote connection. This increased the boot up times significantly but made remote connections quicker. Mines on all the time as it runs on ROCK this is really how they designed it to be so you don’t notice it after initial startup or an update right or wrong it’s there design choice not sure hardware will make much difference except an SSD over hdd.

1’ 45" to be in a useable state, 3’ 15" until track importing and file scanning is finished. 175K tracks on a Mac mini M1 with 16GB RAM.

One minute flat on a NUC 8i3 running ROCK with ~32k tracks.