Poll of Kef LS50 Wireless owners

I am yet to update to the new firmware - do you notice a difference in the sound quality or do we have more functionality? Also no MQA unfolding I bet (i am aware of their anti MQA philosophy-

However am happy with the Roon first unfold - I compared a Donald Fagen album from my server to the Roon MQA first unfold - I could barely tell the difference on the Kefs. On my other system (Devialet and Dynaudio) maybe marginal but Devialet DAC is pretty good _san_s MQA.

Thanks. I put them on stands now (Monoprice Monolith - I went for the budget option) and the sound is definitely better. The way my living room is set up I’m forced to keep them about 18cm from the back wall and 180cm apart and I think that’s killing the sound. Also the room is not treated in any way… The sound is decent enough now, rather balanced. Still not crazy about it though.

Don’t think there’ve been any improvements to sound quality, the DSP engine remains unchanged for a while now.

There are definitely improvements in functionality - switching sources via the app instead of the remote. You can also save sound settings as presets, which makes comparing different settings much easier.

I just use Roon with Kefs and rarely use the Kef app on either my android or IOs devices - so the firmware update has had no impact for me - I have to say for a built in DAC/ Amp/ Speaker solution it does punch out very good sound.

I have had my Key LS50W for a month now.
Great sound—best I have had.
No problems.

Strongly recommend

I just received my LS50W (replaced LS50) and today was my first day doing lengthy listening. The speakers sound stunning but ran into an issue 3 times within a few hours.

I hear a quick noise almost like a record needle sliding then they shut off and the power button blinks. Sits in that state until I pull the power on the right speaker.

Happened twice while listening to Roon and a third time while sitting on aux, not playing any music.

Sent an email to support—we’ll see what they say.

They go back to kef tomorrow…

I have had my speakers since January 2017. No problems whatsoever with daily use until this evening, when the master speaker crackled and became staticky. I performed a hard reset and updated to the latest firmware, but cannot get rid of the static no matter what I do - including changing inputs. I already reached out to my local KEF dealer for support. Fingers crossed, because I believe I am out of warranty. Has anyone else had this specific issue?

My left speaker gut a crackling noise, they fixed it even though it was just out of warranty. I contacted KEF directly though, as I bought direct.

I purchased mine back in April, 2017 and just started having problems with the right speaker after warm up. I haven’t been using them much which I suspect is the reason the problem didn’t occur earlier. In any case, KEF support has been responsive and they should get them in about a week.

I love them. After about 9 months, I got a crackling in the left speaker which started after about 10 minutes and progressed until the speaker shut down. Once my dealer could get them to pay attention, KEF fixed the problem without a question (although I had to pay shipment one way). Turned out, this was a known problem.

now, if only I could get the (Windows) firmware updater to work (to 3.0.0). I don’t like to upgrade firmware for no reason, but they’ve upgraded the KEF app on iOS so that it fails if the firmware isn’t v 3. So, if I want to adjust sound, I’m stuck upgrading the firmware.
Fabulous hardware. Lousy software.

Seems it’s known issue. My LS50W got that static sound cracks yesterday. Going to contact KEF right away.

(It’s over 1 year old).

I do own a pair in the beautiful Nocturne version in my dining. I got them for Christmas last year. Overall problem free I have to say. The software id a bit clumsy but I use Roon so besides the software updates nothing to do with that. Two or three times during the year I had the problem that the songs were not playing. Reconnecting the ethernet cable solved that immediately.
Great speakers. A lot of bang for the buck which is even more true with the LSX I guess.

My LS50W just died. It’s very similar to what @David_Burdett and @bartman described.
There was a loud cracking sound, the power circuit breaker was tripped. When I switched it back on the speakers were dead. At least the right speaker. I can’t tell if the left speaker works or not.
The problem is that these aren’t sold in my country. I bought them used from someone who bought them used from a private seller abroad. We do have KEF’s here but no one imports the Wireless…
I wonder if this repair can be made by someone other than KEF themselves. The words “main board” make it sound like it’s not some common electric component that can be fixed by just anyone… FML :pensive:

Once the ELAC Navis are in market, I’d be really interested to A/B them with the LS50W. Sure they will both be available from some of the same retailers, mainly Best Buy. I’m seriously considering a pair of the ELAC Navis F51 floorstanders. The initial reviews have been, as expected, overwhelmingly positive.

your can try contact the first person who bought the LS50W so you could arrange shipping it to the original address. KEF said “warranty applies to the first purchaser only”, and unfortunately only valid in the country of purchase, so you must paying the shipping back twice.

that said. try fixing the problem yourself, maybe unplug and replug the cables as you check them.
restart the system after and trying update the firmware maybe they will respond as new again.

update what next with them

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If the issue kicked out power circuit breakers it is potentially terminal and switching it back on won’t be of any benefit.

I know that KEF LS50 Wireless are very popular speakers that’s why we could see many reviewers.
but what’s interests me is that there isn’t any reviewers about Dynaudio for example.
so as we can see with KEF maybe because they got high attention.
but well, you could tell me that Dynaudio does not have any crack or static issues?
can you be insure that the new upcoming ELAC Argo B51 wireless would not have any issues with hardware?

I tried to find owners review on the net about Dynaudio there are only few talks.

Like @Henry_McLeod said, there’s no power going into the speakers. No lights whatsoever. So a restart or firmware upgrade is not feasible. I desperately tried switching the power cord, of course that didn’t help.
I knew that these problems existed and I took a chance and got them anyway even when there’s no proper KEF dealership here, and now I’m screwed (frigging 3 months after I bought them).
I’m going to try and get them to a local stereo equipment repair guy, but since in these cases the entire motherboard needs replacing I’m assuming that they won’t be able to fix them…

Might just be the power supply caps popped and blew a fuse…worth a shot to get looked at