Poll - Would this be a convenient time to release 1.8?

  • Holiday guests haven’t left yet - Don’t release 1.8
  • All holiday guests have departed! Please release 1.8

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I don’t know if this would be helpful to management but maybe…

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If you still have “holiday guests” on Jan 31, you have bigger problems than a new version of Roon can cure. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We’re in a pandemic…who has holiday guests? Probably a good time to release 1.8 with more people in lockdown.


We have to ask Roon employees to answer this question.
They know when it is convenient!

Again… as mentioned several times, 1.8 is in beta testing.
When it’s ready it will come out. Or would you prefer that Roon is like those companies that release an untested (or minimally tested) product to get to market as soon as possible and have all their customers become beta testers?


when is 09:00 in New York ??? 5.25 Hrs

Until now, it took like 11 months on average for the whole development and release cycle of a new Roon version to be completed.

From now on, due to effective continuous process improvement practices of the Roon team, the timeframe is apparently reserved just for beta testing!

I must say that Roon once again goes beyond my wildest imagination… :sunglasses:

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I read in the December release of an update to 1.7 that the holiday was not a good time to release 1.8 because history tells them that making a major release just before the holidays isn’t ideal because people want a familiar experience while entertaining friends and family, and because the increase in support while Roon’s team is on holiday, too.

It is probably an ambitious update with a healthy share of nits to resolve.

But it is fun to poke the bear while we wait! Cheers!


Looks like 1.8 will be released on 2.9.
“… the new Focus tool … looks through your subscribed services as well as your own library. This means that, when you filter by one of your favourite artists and start looking at their collaborations, the results are also pulled from Qobuz and Tidal.”
Nice! This and the improved Classical music functionality are very exciting.

Perfect! My Christmas guests all leave on Feb 8th.

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