Poly+Mojo+Roon the music stopped playing

Windows 10Pro/ intel i7-4790 CPu/ Roon ver.1.7-build 511 stable (64bit)

I really like Roon. But now i have a problem.

I have Poly + Mojo devices.

  1. Roon played through poly before.

  2. Now Roon does not play through Poly + Mojo.

  3. Roon sees Poly but the button «Play» is not pressed (I press the button with the mouse pointer, but the button is not pressed)

  4. In the mobile phone program GoFigure (for Mojo) - Roon is on.
    Wifi set up is as always.

Help me pls.

Mojo+Poly is connected to the computer via wifi.
Poly has Firmware 2.0.4

Hello @Serhii_Domin,

Are you able to play music to other zones in Roon?

If so, I recommend reaching out to the Chord Electronics support team for further assistance. They will be in the best position to help you troubleshoot the Poly.



Yes, Roon plays to other zones.
Thank you, I will contact to the Chord Electronics :grinning:

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