Poly-sinc-mqa not polysincing?

Hi @jussi_laako,

I’ve been playing around with the poly-sinc-mqa filter and mqa content. I find that when attempting to use the poly-sinc-mqa filter on 48k family material upsampling to DSD512 (44.1k multiple) my DAC display reverts to DSD256 and HQP doesn’t appear to be syncing 48k family material to 44.1kx512. The music is slowed and shifted downpitch as occurs when 48k material is played with a 44.1k oscillator.

Can you replicate ?

MQA/HiRes filter cannot convert between rate families. If the driver doesn’t announce any 48k-base rates, then HQPlayer should refuse to continue and stop.

Can you tell me what output rate HQPlayer shows in the main window when this happens, what operating system you are on, what DAC do you have, what are your settings in Settings/Preferences and in main window are. Log would also tell what is going on, but please use email for logs.

Lack of conversion is the answer. I had understood poly-sinc to mean a filter could convert between rate families. The poly-sinc, poly-sinc-shrt and poly-sinc-xtr-2s filters cross convert fine for me. 44.1k rate family MQA files play at DSD 512 fine.

Main rate window still shows Auto when this happens, but has options for 48k rates as per screenshot below.

OS is Windows 10. DAC is Holo Audio Spring. Screenshots of Settings and main window below:

I think I may have a hardware defect in the 48k side of the Spring. It seems to revert to the 44.1 oscillator hence the slowing and pitch change, which is how I notice this. I haven’t exhaustively tested whether this occurs at all rates, or just high DSD.

I’ll avoid the mqa filters and continue using the other poly-sinc filters.

Technically the processing method would allow it, but for quality reasons there are restrictions in place depending on actual filter.

This indicates that the driver announces support for those 48k-base rates, but the driver or hardware doesn’t function correctly. I need to check how mine behaves on Linux, I think I had it working, but I have to check again to be user. But it could be that you have different version of the USB input board, I just heard there are two versions…

Checking what the “Format” line above says while playing would tell what goes out.

Given above, I find that likely possibility. Now I’m actually suspecting this is some kind of bug in the original XMOS code…

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I’m using the l2s input behind a Matrix Audio XSPDIF-2.

Ahh, OK, different hardware. Then the problem is there, because that’s where the clock is coming from…

I think I was having the 48k issue before inserting the X-SPDIF2. I’ll do some troubleshooting.
Thanks for your help.

I can hereby confirm that 48k-base DSD rates work fine for me to my Spring L2 DAC using it’s built-in USB:

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@jussi_laako I am experiencing a similar issue as @andybob except my dac is a Mytek Liberty. Using the poly-sinc-mqa filter on 48k results in no playback at all. My server is STi7 with HQ Player embedded which I am LOVING by the way :wink:

It depends on a DAC (and driver on Windows) whether it can do 48k-base DSD rates. Only thing I can do about that is to talk to DAC manufacturers. You can switch to poly-sinc-short variants instead, which is nearest similar that can do conversion between rate families to 44.1k-base DSD output.

Great to hear you like the system! :slight_smile:

Ok @jussi_laako Thank you and I am seriously loving this setup. Very nice work :wink: