Poor connectivity

I have two Pi4 running with HiFiberry DAC with AMP2. They have both been using wifi to connect to my LAN for over a year. One (furthest from the closest mesh router) has been having poor connectivity recently.

I hooked it up via ethernet wire to the other Pi4 that is closer to the mesh router and turned off the “enable wifi” switch. Wired to the other Pi4 it does not show up. The orange light at the ethernet port does illuminate. I wired it directly to the mesh router and it connects to the LAN.

Is there a reason I cannot connect the two Pi4 together via wired ethernet?

The reason is how network works … each device must be connected to the router or to a switch, it would be possible if a bridge is configured but it isn’t possible on rpi (with some skill it can be done on a pc)

I was hoping it was some minor issue but suspected it was not possible.

Thank you

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Been there, done that - actually possible with other RPi-OSs but definitively not with Ropieee!

You’re right, I should have said rpi/RoPieee

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Hi @Jay_Frankel,

Given that your attempted solution of interconnecting the two RPis will not improve connectivity, let me point you to a possible solution just using Wifi. It worked for me.

  • Separate SSID for 2.4G and 5G
  • Connect the streamer to the 2.4G network if it is not really close to a wired access point
  • Connect a dongle to the streamer (I use the TP-Link Archer T3U Plus) to improve the signal

Thank you for the suggestions. Do you disable the built in wireless in the Pi4 when you use the Archer?

No need. You can select the external wifi dongle from the webinterface.

Thank you, I got the dongle and after difficulty in getting it configured (the software would not load on my Mac Studio running Sonoma but I was able to configure it on my wife’s ancient MacBook with an older version of OSX) it seems to have resolved my connectivity issues.

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Thank you. I now have the TP-Link Archer T3U plus dongle configured and working on the Ropieee system. Please note that when I updated RoPieee to use the dongle and hit configure it hung on the page with the red band saying it was updating. After a long time stuck on that page I opened a new browser and was able to connect to the device without issue and verified it is now configured with the new dongle wifi.

Which software? Which configuration? For me it was plug and play on the RoPieee (after simply selecting the dongle in the web interface).

I did not try that, maybe that is all I needed to do! I figured I needed to get it configured to connect to my wife, I did not think that the Rasperry Pi4 with Ropieee could do the configuration. I have a Mac running OSX 14 and the Tp link software would not load on my computer. It did load on an old MacBook that was running some earlier version of OSX

It’s simply a WiFi adapter, just a better one than the stock RPi adapter. As far as I know there is no configuration (can you specify what you configured on this TP-link software?), just the one where you tell RoPieee which one to use.

Based on the info TP-Link provided it said you needed to configure it. So I loaded their software (that allowed it to show in the menu bar) and then I connected to it and provided the wifi password on the computer before plugging it into the Pi4. But no configuration was actually required - I assume now that I could have had it scan for my wifi network and provide the password from within the Ropieee interface.