Poor identification rate with Analogue Productions SACD

Hi Roon Team,

I think Analogue Productions CD/SACD is quite popular within Audiophile Circle, but recent Living Stereo Reissue almost Zero hitrate as the track structure is totally Difference from Original RCA CD/SACD releases, only a few can match with XRCD version ( both premium reissues were using original content as LP releases, like one concerto per disc, no filler or combined 2 LP into one CD/SACD)

Possible to get metadata from Analogue Productions into roon database for better identification?

Can you point me towards a few releases you’re having trouble with? AllMusic links are great, but anything that shows the track list will be a good start.

Give me a couple examples to run down and we’ll take a look. Thanks!

Here are listing of Analogue Productions remastered Living Stereo SACD


Here are part of the imported disc

Try to match with RCA CD release

The comedians breaks into few tracks while AP version just one track

This Heifetz plays Bruch, matching with RCA SACD releases, AP version didn’t put Bruch Concerto No.1 as filler, and Vieuxtemps: Concerto No. 5 in single track instead of separate movement.

Those AP Living Stereo need separate metadata records for matching