Poor Performance and Hangs on iPhone and iPad App (ref#LN8SW5)

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The iphone app is horrendous. Absolutely horrible in almost every way. Why? Why? My server is on a fast machine, hardwired to a gigabit network. So how come every single time I open the iphone app, it just hangs there until I kill it and reopen it? How come the app takes almost a minute to load a new screen? This issue has been present for as long as I can remember, probably 4 years. Why is your app the most useless and worst performing app on my phone? It takes me less time to get up, walk downstairs to the server, and change the track or volume than it does to wait for the app to find itself and register actions. The Ipad app is equally garbage in its performance. Is the idea that remotes are not supposed to be used in the roon music experience? There is something magical to getting off the chair to click the mouse button?

Describe your network setup

Gigabit ethernet to server, 802.11N wireless

Hi @johnf.three,

If you have feedback about the product, we welcome it in Roon Software Discussion or Feedback. Please limit your comments to technical information in this category so we can streamline our efforts to assist you.

Do you have a timestamp of when the iOS app (iPhone or iPad) last hang or froze? We’ll investigate logs with development.

Please provide a basic overview of your network topology, including any managed switches, access points or mesh nodes that you use to expand WiFi.