Poor Sound Quality when Playing AAC/MP3 - Crack/Pops


Roon Core running on QNAP HS-251+ 1.5 (build 334) stable
PS Audio Directstream running RedCloud firmware
Output from Roon into DS can be either Ethernet Bridge/i2s/USB

When playing lower quality files AAC or MP3 sound quality degrades significantly with pops and crackles. If I play the same song in TIDAL/MQA /DSD/FLAC no issues at all. The problem occurs irrespective of the connection method (USB/i2s/ethernet)

I have isolated the problem to Roon by taking the same AAC/MP3 file playing it outside of Roon in jriver, BubbleUPNP and others all over different connection methods. When Roon is removed the same file plays with no issues.

I have tried every DSP setting, volume leveling and it makes no difference not even a slight difference.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


Sounds like inter sample overs? Depending on the algorithm it can sound really bad. Mathematically you need to add extra headroom in the processing to handle inter-sample overs.


Just reaching out to let you know we’ve just released an update that addresses this issue. Please update to build 339 and let us know if you have any issues.

You can read more about the update here:

We genuinely appreciate your patience here!

Kind regards,

Thanks very much Dylan the new release has resolved the issue. Much appreciated.

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