Poor support for U$ 120 a year (updates failing)

Windows 10 64

Devialet D 200 Ethernet

I’m having trouble with Tidal’s favorites, and I can’t update Roon to the latest version. I already opened a call in the community / suport, 04 days ago, and so far I have not received an answer. I consider this a terrible service for $ 120 a year. I am considering canceling the service and requesting a refund.

As you can see, I opened a new call about the problem 04 days ago.

This is quite a response for an error caused by your own system (probably due to previously installing a pirated copy of Roon).


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I paid 120 USD for a license and I hope that the support is compatible, and the amount of errors that your software has been showing seems very expensive. Instead of making accusations try to improve your product. By the way, I’m having trouble loading the tidal like countless other users. This problem is recurrent. [Moderated]

What problems are you seeing exactly?

Paulo_Sergio_De_LorePaulo Sergio De Lorenzi


Now it’s ok

Abuse is a wonderful way of getting help and support :cowboy_hat_face:


His posts have all pretty much been the same. Last time his “friend/installer” had blocked out the roon servers in the hosts file so could not see roon servers.

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