Pop every 19 seconds


I am hearing a pop, or skip, every 19 seconds. It happens on all the songs. Have been using it for a long time without a problem. It just started a few days ago, have tried rebooting with no success.

My setup has not changed: USB from iMac running Mojave (64 GB memory, 1TB SSD), to Sony TA-ZH1ES DAC/Amp. Settings:

Private Zone ON
Exclusive Mode ON
DSD over PCM
No MQA Support
Fixed Volume
Bit, Sample rates to MAX
Clock priority DEFAULT
MQA Decoder ON
Integer Mode ON
Force Max Volume ON
Max Buffer OFF
Power of 2 Buffer OFF
Downmixing as needed

Hello @Cesareo_Ruiz,

Do you have the Tidal app installed on your Mac? I would be interested to see if running the DAC in “exclusive mode” using the Tidal application results in the same behavior.

I have included a short animation on how to ensure that you are running the Tidal application


Hello @john

I just double checked, and Tidal works fine with the DAC in exclusive mode.

Hello @Cesareo_Ruiz,

I just wanted to let you know the that we have reached out to Sony regarding this issue and are awaiting feedback from them. Thanks for your patience while we try to get this sorted out!


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