Pop-out Now-Playing Window on Mac & PC clients

I often listen to stuff when I’m working at my PC and if I want to see what is currently playing (usually because I’m letting Roon Radio do its stuff) I find having to maximise the main window for Roon Remote on my Windows 10 PC quite disruptive when I’ve got the screen full of spreadsheets and other stuff.

I’d really like a button whereby the Roon Remote main window could spawn off a very small display window that just showed the now-playing info (as currently displayed in the middle section of the footer bar) so that I could leave that very small thin window permanently visible in the corner of my display to glance at at any time to see what is currently playing.

Potentially it could be made slightly more flexible by having a down-arrow icon somewhere on the pop-out window that would expand it downwards to display the transport controls and the queue which could then of course be collapsed again to go back to just showing the now-playing info.

This isn’t necessarily a solution to your problem but I use the snap feature in Windows 10 and snap it to a corner. Works well for me but I have a 32 inch 4k screen so have plenty real estate to spare.