Popping / Clicking with HQPlayer NAA (On SMS200 Ultra)

So this an issue I’ve encountered both on the raspberry pi 3b+ I used a while ago, and now the SMS200 Ultra Neo I’m using.

When using 768khz, there is a frequent clicking or popping noise. Adjusting buffer size from default to 100 or 250ms either does nothing or potentially makes it worse.

Going to 5/10/50ms reduces the frequency of the clicks but they are still quite frequent.

As a result i’m unable to do above 384khz.
All devices are connected by gigabit ethernet.
Does anyone know what causes this or how to fix it?

Playing via direct USB from the PC being used for upsampling doesn’t have this issue, nor does playing 768khz from roon to the sms200 ultra. Its HQPlayer specific.

What DAC are you using?

Its a Holo Audio May but also occurs on the RME ADI-2 Dac

I have the same problem with an Allo USBridge Sig (and RME ADI).
There was a problem with driver of Asix chp on Allo but i don’t thing is the only problem. But clicks or dropouts are rare.
No error, dropped or collision packets on Allo (ifconfig). Ipv6 between HQP and Allo with gigabit network (Cisco Meraki switch between).
And my NUC W10 (HQP) send 50Mbits/s packets to ethernet with 705K target (HQP 44,1 >> 705k).