Popping/Crackling Noise with Roon, NOT with Tidal Connect or Bluesound OS

I don’t want to get into a deep-tech dive, but…annoying crackling/popping noises when playing through Roon directly. Not present with TIDAL connect, not present playing the same things through Bluesound Node 2i app. Why, oh why? Please don’t ask me to send pictures of my signal path, setup, etc. (I have both a Nucleus and a Node 2i). I’m just aggravated that of all the options, the Roon playing is the worst. Any explanations?

Well, try using it via Ethernet if you are on Wifi.

I’ve been on Ethernet the whole time. Just tried it again and…no crackling noise, no popping. Strange…but I’ll take it.

Suggest you might want to take a look at your DSP settings and adjust headroom.

Worth a try and solved what sounds like a similar issue for me.