Popping noise between random TIDAL tracks

Core Machine

Windows 10 Pro Celeron 8GB

Network Details

TP Link Deco ethernet

Audio Devices

Orchard Audio PecanPi with Onkyo A65 Amplifier

Library Size

7342 tracks

Description of Issue

Popping sounds starting tracks and between them using Tidal. Master quality tier.

Hi @Pine_Stallings

Does this happen for all endpoints? What if you play to a different device like System Output?

Your Core is a bit below our requirements. It’s hard to say if that’s the cause here, but just wanted to make a note that it could be a limiting factor for your performance.

I figured it out I think. Device doesn’t support MQA. I turned off Core MQA decoder and it stopped. Does that make any sense? It only occurs on the pecanpi endpoint. Note taken device specs. Thanks