Pops and Crackles (Antipodes + Audio GD DAC)

Suddenly I am having the same problem…!
Pops and cracks with ocasional white noise of shorter or longer length.
I have the problem with an Aurender S10 and an Antipodes Core, both being used as end points connected by usb to an Audio GD DAC with Amanero 384 usb input.
Roon Core is running in a fast windows PC, with i7-4790S CPU @3.20ghz with 32gb RAM.
I don’t see what can I do to fix it… also before I didn’t have any of these problems, suddenly it happens all the time…
If you have suggestions on how to solve it, I hope to hear them asap.

Hi @Miguel_Esteves,

I have split your post into it’s own thread so I can better assist here. Can you please let me know some more information here:

  • Are you using the newest build of Roon (build 401)?
  • Does this issue occur for both local and streaming content or just one and not the other?
  • Does this occur across multiple endpoints or just on the Audio GD DAC? Can you give "System Output " a try and let me know if the same behavior occurs for that zone?


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