Pops and static after Roon update with Lumin T2

I am having the same issue last evening on my Lumin T2. Before the update no problems with pops/clicks.
When i use de lumin app the pops/clicks are gone. All is hardwired connected.

I have noticed that when you play MQA files the pops/clicks are happening within Roon.

Please post a signal path screenshot.

The signal path is a normal one. No DSD input ore volume control

Is it showing MQA Full Decoder on T2, or separate MQA Core decoding by Roon Core followed by MQA Renderer on T2 instead?

Yes it is showing MQA full decoder. I did not set it too Rendering only

Please try local music playback for stereo 352kHz FLAC and MQA, from here:

Thx for helping me Peter but the problem lies within Roon. Yesterday evening when i played MQA files within the lumin app all was good. No pops/clicks

Did the problem occur only with Tidal MQA?

Yes it did

Peter. I noticed that when i set the path too rendering only the pops/clicks are gone within Roon

What is the type of the Roon Core? NUC8i5BEH running ROCK?

Please check whether Roon is still reanalyzing the music library.

Updated to latest firmware yesterday, no problem whatsoever on any source.

Peter. Yes i have a NUC8i5BEH running ROCK Where can i find reanalyzing the music library.
Do i need to go in settings under library

Do you still experience this problem?

If yes, please post a screeshot of Settings -> Library.

Please try local MQA files instead of Tidal MQA.

Peter. yesterday i did resync delay and the plops/clicks are gone. I also turned of imgp snooping in my switch.

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I’m glad to learn that the pops clicks are gone.

If you do not use AirPlay for other purposes, please disable Lumin Streaming (AirPlay) in Lumin app. Likewise, disable Spotify Connect if you don’t use Spotify.

Although this is solved, I finally got the chance to test it.
On my test setup, I cannot reproduce this issue with Roon Build 710 Ubuntu with Lumin set to Decoder and Renderer.