Pops and static from endpoint

I’m a newbie. I have the NUC8i7BEH , connected over Ethernet , with a Bluesound Node2i connected via analog to my Marantz 7705.

I noticed the same popping and buzzing yesterday through my speakers when the Marantz was muted.

Through trial and error , I realized it was the HDMi connection I had from the NUC to the Marantz I was using it to display nuc on screen for configuration
Changes. Since removing that HDMI connection.
No noise.

The HDMI cable is a premium high speed cable so is the HDMI bus that noisy on the nuc ?

Hi @Bruce_Comeau,

Can you confirm if this same behavior occurs with a different HDMI cable?

Yes, I have tried 2 different cable types

  • all are High Speed HDMI - new from blue jeans -

and I just tried an old monster HDMI cable I had hanging around…same behaviour…
pops and buzzing when muted


Hi @Bruce_Comeau,

It sounds like there might be some kind of ground loop going on in the setup. Is your NUC and Marantz connected to the same power strip/outlet? What if you try plugging either the NUC or Marantz into another outlet with an extension cable, does the buzz still occur?

Thanks, I tried that …same result

this is fine, this is NOT a Roon issue…and not the end of the world…
to me it appears to be noise from the inside of the NUC getting to the HDMI signal…the audio part anyways

I will manage, as I only need to connect this particular HMDI connection when I want to display the NUC on my Projector to change settings, etc…

Regards, Bruce.

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