Port Over Changes from one Core to another

If I’ve made significant changes to the album identifications on one Roon Core and have an identical library on a second Core, what file do I need to export to the 2nd Core to make sure those changes are ported over? Is it just the Backup file that Roon generates?

Hi @Lance_Goler,

You’ll want to make a backup on the Core machine where these changes were made and then restore that backup on the other Core machine.

Please note that this will essentially make the 2nd Core identical to the first Core, so any changes exclusive to that second Core will be lost when you do this.

Perfect. 2nd question in a similar vein, if I ID an album using the remote application, are they saved to the Core?

If you mean using a Roon Remote linked to a Roon Core, yes as all the information is held in the Core’s database.

If you mean using a second Roon Core, then no … the two cores are independent of each other.

(Though all Roon cores using the same accounts will sync to Tidal / Qobuz favorites.

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Don’t forget to re attach the storage under settings/storage when you do this. I’m looking for a far easier and less time consuming method to do this myself.