Port Specification For Out of Network Access

The intent of this request is to use Roon to access my library remotely, meaning outside of my home network or house, and stream my library from either Tidal or my NAS.

I’ve done some research on this and it appears Roon uses UDP 9003 for discovery and TCP 9100-9200 after the Remote has found the Core. I currently use JRiver and JRemote, and by specifying the TCP port in the JRiver media server, setting up port forwarding to that port and media server IP in my home router and using Dynamic DNS, I can use JRemote to access my JRiver library and stream from my NAS anywhere. That means I’m in my car driving and streaming music from my NAS using Bluetooth and the JRemote app on my phone. I can also do this on a PC at work.

I understand there’s been some talk about implementing a cloud based sync natively in Roon. That’s great but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to happen with the next release or anytime soon. A stopgap would be to allow manual setting of the TCP port in the Roon Core, same as one would in JRiver Media Server. I like Roon’s interface and integration with Tidal. I would become a perpetual user if only I could use Roon outside my house. Because I listen to more music outside of my house, without this functionality I only see Roon as having a limited benefit over JRiver.

See previous comments from @brian in response to a similar query in the past:

Thanks Jim. From Brian’s post it looks like those ports aren’t valid anymore. No additional information was given on how to port forward. This tells me it’s impossible to use Roon outside of my home network unless one day it’s issued in a release. That it’s not done now tells me it’s intentional.

@support, now that Roon uses TCP are there any plans to allow port forwarding, and if no plans is it a possibility?