Portable Audio Player Pioneer XDP-100R works with Roon and on sale for $299

Saw this deal and grabbed one for $299. It runs android 5x and confirmed it works with Roon. Sounds good from limited test with my HD650s.

Nice option for a portable all in one solution with flexibility (since it is Android and Play store compatible).


It does indeed wirk with Roon. Strangely, mine now seems to be outputting everything at 196/16. Although it won’t play tracks I have on my NAS at 196/24. And when I check it’s doing the same with TIDAL although not with the built in ‘Music’ app. To test this I’m connected via USB to my Oppo HA1.

Im amazed with xdp100r + oppo pm2 with Roon…
(Havnt be to impressed with my pioneer without Roon).

Has anybody tried this and the 300r? And if so- how much better does it get?