Portion of albums on Tidal not showing up on Roon interface

Some of the beatles albums (such as the new remaster of Sgt Peppers) are not showing up under the Tidal category of Roon. I only have 13 albums available from The Beatles on Tidal subcategory of Roon. I have tried logging in and out of both Tidal and Roon, but don’t get the complete discography.


Are you able to see these missing albums from the Tidal app (not using Roon)?

If so have you tried favouriting them from a Tidal to see if they are then added to your Roon library?

Yes. These albums appear on Tidal app when accessed directly. It showed up in my library but only after i liked it in the Tidal app. When scrolling just below my library (which includes local content and favorites from Tidal) i should be able to see entire discography of artist available on Tidal. It had been that way in the past. Is there a possible solution to this?

Hey Matt,

Do you have a version on hard drive already in Roon? Not seeing the Tidal version in the Artist view is expected behaviour.

If you display your version of the album, click the 3 dots icon and select Go to Tidal Version, it should bring up the remastered version.

If you don’t have a copy already in Roon, then I’m not sure what’s going on.

Cheers, Greg

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Hi all, I have a similar experience happening in Tidal with Roon. If I search for an artist, in this case Grace Jones, through Roon the artist does not show up, but if I use the Tidal app. accessed directly I find Grace Jones through the Tidal search. This is happening with a number of artists, what am I missing here in what I am doing or is Roon shutting them out??