Possibility to define a 2nd backup path

Dear ROON-Team

one of the next roon-updates should support a second backup path to run backups (library) in parallel to different devices → Example: local (USB-HDD) + network attached device (NAS etc.) at the same time.

That would be great!
Thank you so much in advance + stay healthy everybody…

Cheers Nicki

You can do this now. Click “Add”

I think the OP is requesting a slightly different feature …

I.e. I think this is a request that a backup be written to multiple destinations simultaneously. If not, I’m happy to stand corrected, but this sounds like a good idea to me.

Hi Guys,

thanks for the quick response!
simultaneously is the right word - sorry for the poor English.

Yes, my intention is to have the possibility to run backup jobs simultaneously
manually launched = same time to different destination [2 path parallel, not scheduled]

This would be great.

Cheers Nicki

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