Possibility to restart the Roon Core / Server via Roon Remote

Lately, I have been encountering music stop playing, with the seekba moving left and right, and I can’t pause it, too. This can only be solved with RoonServer being restarted. It will be nice, if I can restart/reboot RoonServer (headless) from my Roon Remote.


Hi Gary,

A restart RoonServer from a remote would be convenient so +1 from me for that.

If the stopping playing is continuing, please feel free to open a thread in the Support category. I expect @mike would want to know all about that.



roonserver is designed to restart itself. User should not have to intervene.
I expect the guys will need to see what is causing your remote to hang.

Hi Nick,

“should not” can be different from “doesn’t have to”.


I don’t think it was the Remote issue or hanging as you had put it. I can click forward or backward and songs jumped to next or previous title, this proved that Remote is not hanged. I can’t paused and the progress bar keeps swiping left and right.

Only after I restarted my RoonServer, I can start using my Remote to play song again.

Andy, I agree. Was just referencing Brian’s post yesterday which is the “should” version.

Would be great if you could restart the headless core (server) via the room iPad remote.

Have had the occasional issue where things have ground to a halt - tidal tracks not playing for example - and requiring a core restart. It’s then quite tricky especially for a non technical user to fix the problem. A ‘restart server’ menu somewhere in settings would be ideal.

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I support this

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Able to restart RoonServer from Roon client would be useful. I have DAC which I turn off when not used. When I turn my DAC on, RoonServer won’t work until restarted. Doing this by logging to headless server via TeamViewer or remote desktop (i’m using Windows 10 as platform for RoonServer and ASIO for output) is uncomfortable.

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I am on the 14-day trial and I have had to restart Roon server on my headless PC twice in the last week due to clients (iPad & Google Pixel) not being able to connect. I know the network connection is fine because I used remote desktop to connect to the headless machine and while connected, I restarted the client apps which failed to connect to Roon server. I dd confirm that Roon server was running and clicked on the Quit menu option.

Regardless of how confident Roon devs are about the watchdog service, it would be useful to provide client support for a forced restart for corner cases you may not have encountered in your testing.

Let me know if I can provide logs to help debug this if it happens again.

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One more vote for the ability to stop and restart the Roon Core from a Remote.

Twice today, Roon Radio has tried to play a song from Tidal (both times, by the band The Comsat Angels, by the way) and failed, and thereafter has been unable to play anything from Tidal or Qobuz until I quit and restart the Roon Core. Being able to do this from the iPad I am using to control Roon (rather than having to remote in to the server) would be very helpful.



Additional vote for this. I went to add this as a feature request and found this post from 2015.

Periodically my Roon environment gets glitchy – messages about Tidal songs not found (although playing the song fine), Display issue (happening today), problems with iOS remotes not finding my server.

I would like to be able to restart my server periodically.


I NEED this!


The advice given to reboot the core can be found in almost all support threads, regardless of the symptoms being discussed. It would seem that this does indeed fix many of the issues people are having.

It would be handy to have a button in settings (probably along side the Disconnect button in General) that reboots the core on systems that support this or at the very least quits and relaunches the Roon server instance running on the core.


That’s for the Nucleus (and ROCK?) users only. Indeed the possibility to restart Roon Core processes remotely from a Control would be nice and it can be done - the automatic restart of Core processes after updates is the proof.


On my QNAP NAS I go to the QNAP app/Stop Roon… Start Roon. No need to get out of my chair.

I would like this feature please.

I run Roon on a headless Mac Mini and it’s a pain having to use remote login just to re-boot the core.


Yes, this is a good idea.

Until it comes to pass, those that have a tablet can use JumpDesktop and stay in their chair.

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My Roon has been dragging its tail for several weeks now. I just restarted it and it does seem to help.

To be fair, I rarely have to reboot Roon, but I have the Harmony extension and Logitech Harmony, the latter of which is a bit flaky. So… rebooting the core can help when Logitech bombs out!