Possibilty to import Music App (Ex-iTunes) Library information like star rating and play count ?!?

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Mac OS 10.15.6 / Roon 1.7 (build 610)

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not relevant

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not relevant

Description Of Issue

I started with importing music files and then made the library export to include MusicApp Playlists on Roon. I was using iTunes and Music for now more than 8 years, and have individual track rating for about have of the 40k tracks. As far as I understood the meta model, only album have a star rating, and so have about have about of my albums. Is there any possibility to import this work to Roon?
(And off-Topic: Is Roon using information like play count and star rating anywhere in the engine besides displaying the information, e.g. on Roon Radio?)

Hi @Stephan_Rink,

Apologies for the delay in response here, we missed your original inquiry.

We do not support ratings at this time, but this would certainly be a great feature request to submit!

A lot of useful information regarding Roon Radio can be found on our Knowledge Base:

Hope this helps!

I think indicidual tracks ratings as a feature has already been requested, many years ago in fact…

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