Possible 952 fix? Check your DNS settings

Ok, this might be worthy of a test for some of you having issues wth 952…

Found a thread about DNS entries in the support section.

I have comcast/xfinity for internet and my router’s DNS is set to (comcast) by default. I read that ISP DNS can be flaky or overtaxed or whatever. Suggestion to change to google, which is and, and you might see performance increases.

I changed this entry in my comcast router and holy crap roon is running at lightning speed. Album page, home page, everything, super fast. Going to play for a bit to see if I get any dropouts, but this solution might have some merit, especially if you’re a comcast/xfinity customer.

To connect to your comcast router, generally you’ll enter into your web browser. You should have a username and password provided to you from comcast.

YMMV, and don’t blame me if you muck up your internet connection!

Post here if you experience anything good/bad/ugly.

Here’s the comcast user manager settings for DNS, but you might also change it on the computer that’s running your core! (I’ll let you hunt that down for yourself, as everyone’s running it on a different OS.)


It’s so helpful to report not only problems, but solutions. That’s what makes a good community!

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It was my understanding that Roon now ignores your router assigned DNS, and falls back onto a hardcoded built-in or (not sure which one exactly). So I’m a bit surprised these suggestions are still circling around, or that people even notice a difference.

Also, it should be and

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Source? Read a lot, did I overread it? isn’t even a dns server, so i doubt you’ll notice any ‘improvements’

Changing DNS won’t fix the build 952 specific issues. A new build is coming soon to address these.


I think the question is in relation to…

I must have missed this too.

Release notes from B918:

  • Implementation of a new DNS lookup and caching mechanism

It’s a little vague on the details, no surprise there, but it was my understanding that they are using a hardcoded dns lookup server. Feel free to correct me, Roon, if this is not the case.

I am using my own locally hosted dns server, which my router assigns to the nucleus. Ever since that release, Roon no longer queried that local dns server. Once I redirected all traffic bound for 53, on the router level, to my local dns server, I saw my nucleus quering it again.

I think this relates to fewer DNS look-ups, but let’s see if we have an official response.

However, making such changes to DNS has assisted a couple of people in the past day or two.

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The accompanying text sort of confirms what I’m saying as well:

Now Roon is much more intelligent in how it deals with name resolution and includes functionality to better manage when it makes resolution requests as well as a clearly-defined fallback mechanism for those situations in which a user’s network is experiencing name resolution issues. In our testing this has resulted in a marked reduction in the number of name service queries made by Roon as well as a massive improvement in performance and experience in those all-too-common situations in which there are name resolution issues. As an added benefit we will no longer need to instruct users to change the DNS settings on cores or routers.

That certainly seems to be a part of that, as there are indeed fewer queries.

I was skeptical, too. But I was having all kinds of 952-related issues, including frozen pages, disconnection from core, dropouts.

I changed the DNS settings and things are working again.

I wonder what the reason might be.

Yes! Thank you, fixed.

i did see this also, but build 952 has created countless, maddening issues. So, I don’t put much stock into the idea that changing the DNS is NO LONGER necessary/helpful.

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yah, my bad. Fixed. It was set as “secondary,” so probably got ignored anyway.

All I can say is: I can objectively observe that Roon isn’t querying the dhcp assigned dns server. Unless you can prove otherwise, I put more stock in what Ben is saying :slight_smile:

Totally cool, and you’re probably right about everything you’ve said. I don’t claim to be a network admin. Just a roon user who LOVED roon before and has been frustrated since build 952 dropped.

All I can say is: It wasn’t working before, and it’s working now.


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B952 certainly seems to have caused a bit of a fuzz for a big number of people. Glad to hear it’s working back on your end, and it seems there’s a fix on the way, hopefully early week, which hopefully puts it to rest for everyone.

I can see why it would be a short term fix as it takes the memory leak out of the equation, but the issue comes back over time and in my case causes Roon to restart every 8 hours or so and each time it’s fine again for a number of hours

Be good to get the update Joel has mentioned, hopefully this week.

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can you speak more to this? Again, I’m not a network guy. Why does the change in DNS take the memory leak out of the equation?