Possible bad Ethernet port

I have a Intel NUC7i5BHN with Roon ROCK installed

It has worked flawlessly until a few days ago. I removed the Ethernet cord from the NUC but it was stuck and took some doing to remove. When I reconnected cord it stopped working. It’s not the cord, it works on other devices. I’m wondering if there is a way to bypass the onboard Ethernet slot and install either a dongle or an Ethernet board. I’m trying to avoid replacing the NUC board for now. The USB ports work. I used them to look in the bios. I also looked in the Ethernet port and no pins are crossed. Will one of these work?


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Should work, but make sure you can return for a similar option if it doesnt

Why bother? The device is dirt cheap.


Doesn’t matter. It will work, if a busted port is the problem.

Yes that will work I have one in use on Rock currently as my port also died.

This fixed the problem. Thanks all! It’s good to have Roon operational.

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