Possible bug? - Samsung S22 ultra volume

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S22 ultra with latest Roon remote from play store

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Description of Issue

Afternoon all, I installed Roon remote on the Mrs’ Samsung S22 ultra, and it works fine until she opens another app, say youtube or something else that requires sound. So with Roon open in the background and youtube open, the volume for Roon is still active via the volume buttons on the side of the phone. So if you turn up the volume on YouTube to briefly watch something and you have music on in the background playing from Roon, the volume for Roon will increase unexpectedly instead of YouTube. The first time she did it, fortunately I was stood next to the amp, so was able to turn it down quickly, but it has got her a couple of times since :rofl:. We can recreate it every time. It doesn’t do it on my Note 10+ or my daughter’s s9. Cheers :+1:

Anyone help with this please?

I notice the support was excellent during the 14 day trial, but once paid up for 12 months, it is non-existent.

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