Possible Extension: Loudness curve or Tilt Control?

Anyone looking for a new Extension project might be interested in this Feature Request thread regarding equal loudness curves and the old Quad Tilt control.


Any thoughts about whether this would be viable in the API ?

The API does not provide functionality to play or alter audio streams. There have been a few requests in this regard but the question is if the Roon team is willing to provide it.

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So easy to realize - so many perks!

But there exists a real danger that our equipment will finally sound like we would like and we will not longer buy another one…

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Just had a read through the RoonApiTransport Methods and I see what you mean. I had thought it might have a Method to call a preset DSP for a Zone, but it’s not there.

Guess it makes sense for Roon to “own” the audio (RAAT). Allowing folks to adjust it via extensions would add an extra headache for support. Audio dropouts? Do you have any extensions enabled? What do they do? What hardware is the extension running on?

Or “Roon sounds like ****” and then it turns out you’ve been tinkering around with an extension that changes the audio.

It would be another factor for Support to consider, but I don’t think that should be a sufficient reason not to allow the API to turn preset DSP on or off (for example). There may be other good reasons why this hasn’t been done or can’t be done, but I’d be surprised if it was a Support floodgates issue behind it.

There are some issues which have strong Support floodgate issues, such as rolling back to previous versions of Roon. The overhead in having to support prior versions (especially where database changes have been put into effect) becomes exponential.