Possible headache-saver regarding identified albums

I was having some difficulty the past few days with Roon identifying a few of my albums. Roon could identify them, but when I tried Fix Track Grouping, it never worked like how I thought it should. Meaning, some tracks were left out and occasionally I would even see data corruption of metadata of completely different albums!

BTW I’m happy to file a bug about this but I don’t know how.

Anyway, the fix!

It turns out for a few albums I had both .aif and .m4a files for the same music in the same directory. All I can guess is that Roon really does not like that. Possibly combined with the fact that some of the album’s songs were in a different directory because coming from iTunes, the “featured” artists on some tracks get put in their own directories.

Once I deleted the .m4a tracks because they were superfluous, Roon was happy again and all was good in the universe of metadata.

I have to say I’m quite happy with how Roon deals with metadata. I came to Roon at version 1.1 (65) and enjoy how Roon has treated and indexed my collection of around 25,000 songs.

Hope this info helps someone else.



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