Possible iPad bug

If I play an album The now playing screen in normal

Then if I click the album art to return to the album I get this screen.

Clicking the highlighted arrow takes me to where I need to be.

iPad Pro.


I have seen very similar behavior. When the Artist link is clicked from the Now Playing screen, this often (but not always) leads to the Dancing Jellyfish screen. If I instead search for the artist, the artist page loads in <1 sec.

9.7" iPad Pro
iOS 12.1.4

Hi @Chrislayeruk & @JWC,

Thanks for the reports here. We have an open ticket regarding this issue in the following thread:

Also, just so you’re aware – the best place to report issues like these would be in the #support category as that is where myself and the rest of the support team spends most of our time :smile:.



The issue is also happening with me as well as I think that there must be a bug that is creating the issue and I am also getting iTunes error 9 because of that.

Hello @tommy_shelby,

As I mentioned before, we have an active ticket with the dev team regarding the Loading Albums behavior, but I doubt that this could be causing an iTunes error 9 due to this issue.

From what I read in that linked article it appears that iTunes error 9 is some kind of hardware issue, if you have further evidence that points this to being caused by Roon do let me know know.